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by Mike on Thursday, October 08, 2015 6:56 AM

Wingstock! was conceived and created as a result of student and parent inquiries of what to do regarding a possible career in music.

Every generation has told the one after it "it's not the same as when I was coming up"! In my own personal case...this is true. When I started taking drum lessons in the late 50's the people I studied with had life long careers, owned homes and cars, sent kids to college and planned for retirement playing music for a living in Chicago without ever becoming famous or having to go on the road! My generation worked five and six nights a week and had similar opportunities until the 70's and the introduction of DISCO MUSIC! As a result of it's pre-recorded nature, sudden craze status and worst of all the fact that club owners could pay one guy to spin records as opposed to four or more guys to play live and people still packed the dance floor, the death bell rang signalling the beginning of the end of live music as we knew it to date.

Live music is certainly not gone, but the days of working five nights a week for a reasonable living wage in local clubs are definitely GONE. (...and they are most likely never coming back)

Wingstrock! is an event focused on raising awareness of OPTIONS that are alive and thriving in music in 2015! Wingstock! will feature a full day of fun and live music and speaker presentations from local professionals talking about the role music plays their businesses. 

The idea is to give students and their parents options and different ways to think about how to plan a music based career in 2015. You can, should and I hope, will still keep performance and a lifetime of fulfillment and growth on your instrument at the forefront of your musical journey. Wingstock! will give you ideas and options for planning a music based career in 2015! 





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