Universal Music Center provides quality music instruction for our daughter. The individual lessons challenge her and she has improved so much in a short time.  She has gained confidence performing in front of an audience with the "live shows" that are part of the program. The live shows also give the students an opportunity to work with others in planning and putting on a show. There is no other place like UMC in this area and we feel fortunate that our daughter is a part of it!
Karen and Steve T .
The Universal Music Center is an asset to the community and has the potential to grow and establish itself as a premier learning and supporting organization.
Ron M .
I really wanted to thank you for working with our son on Saturday.  He is a bit reluctant to do stuff that is not his idea, but I know he has talent....it is great to have him learning in a method that is not as "boring" as the normal school classroom. Our son is very hands on, so this works great.  I think he had a good time, and it was great to see him working so hard.
Melissa S .
Mike, we're so glad the UMC Band Performance went so well.  Another successful step toward your vision. Congratulations!
Carolyn and Robert H .
Thanks Mike!  We had so much fun last night at the concert.  You did an amazing job! :).
Jane M .
I wanted to say thank you for working with my son today on his drum stuff from school, he was very excited about how he now can accomplish it after your help.
Elaine B .
I have a feeling that we are going to have a very meaningful experience at your studio. My daughter and I look forward to the experience.
Roger S .
Thank you so much for talking with our son last Saturday. We LOVE that you are pushing him. He needs to experience frustration at times. This is a sign that he is learning something new. He was just starting to get a little too overwhelmed and we wanted him to tell you what he was able to do.  :-) Thank you so much for all you do!
Dan M .