Lesson Packages

Universal Music Center offers two separate lesson programs designed for students of all ages and all levels of playing experience. Children and adults from beginner to advanced are welcome to take advantage of our programs. Make your musical dreams a reality at UMC!

UMC's Performance Package provides experience in all aspects of music education and live performance. Included are the following key elements frame your musical journey: 

Private lessons: One-on-one thirty minute private lessons every other week focus on the students individual goals. The lessons are based in legitimate music fundamentals like note names, key signatures, time signatures and basic music theory. All of the essentials are then applied to music of the students choice. This practice creates an important environment of 'buy-in' on the students part encouraging them to have fun learning to play their favorite music while gaining a real music education. As an added value, this system supports what they are learning in the public school systems.

Monthly Music Socials: UMC wants everyone to feel like they belong to something great! Our monthly Music Socials invite all students to participate in sharing the gift of learning to play and perform music. Each month we cover a wide variety of topics including: listening to many various styles of recorded music, talking about what we've been doing in our private lessons, listening to clinics and demonstrations by music industry pros and local working musicians. We also write and record original songs on the spot in one hour as a songwriting exercise. All students who attend and participate get a CD of the days recording to take home with them at the end of the session!

UMC Live Performances: This is one of the most important features of our program. All students are invited to participate in a live concert! Our UMC Live performances are produced by Mike Arturi and conducted just like a professional show! Students learn essential elements including: how to rehearse and prepare, how to come on and off stage, how to pace a show, how to overcome stage fright and how to generally conduct them selves as a professional. 

A key benefit of the Live Performances is the fact that they give students a target date which accelerates their own personal practice, gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment as they achieve their musical goals. Plus - it's not a bad feeling having a room full of people give you a rousing round of applause!

UMC's Lessons Only package is designed for those who aren't interested in live performance and just want to play for themselves or increase their current level of accomplishment.

The Lessons Only option includes: One on one private lessons with our university trained teaching staff. All of UMC's teachers are also professional musicians who are currently active in the music workforce. The package includes ten private thirty minute lessons and offers the highest quality and individual focus. We teach you what you want to learn plus explain how and why the music you love works. The lessons are based in legitimate music education essentials but also include an abundance of "licks and tricks" only a working pro can offer! 

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UMC welcomes participants and audience members of all abilities. Our facilities are ADA compliant. Please inquire regarding additional accommodations!