Native American Flute

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Everyone is welcome to experience the calming beauty of learning to play the Native American flute. UMC offers a lesson package that includes a brand new High Spirits flute and 10 private one-on-one lessons.

Taught by Native American flute artist Mark Woerpel: Mark has a lifelong history of experience in the Native American culture. His flute works include: PBS documentary, “The Ojibwe Nation,” production work with Peter Buffet of “Dances with Wolves” fame, the Carl Gawboy portrait “The Art of Everyday,” and Pennsylvania Game Commission's “Pennsylvania Bald Eagles – Celebrating 30yrs of Restoration,” among others. Mark also has two original albums featuring his flute, Flutes of Moo-Wa-Sah and On Little Wings.

Mark will help you develop a working knowledge of the Native American Flute, its sound characteristics, musical scale capabilities, and the techniques needed to play and create the sound effects of the “courting flute”.

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